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The Dark Fic trope as used in popular culture. Deliberately writing a serious version of events related from a story which was originally quite lighthearted. Cast information, synopsis, reviews, and trailer. List of Yu Gi Oh Wikipedia. The major characters of the manga in their high school uniforms. GUxJpgpSEBU/WAMyZal9_TI/AAAAAAAAAJA/Y_1y-2scW2wPq0f5PuJl6uSZHXDNeIb-QCLcB/s1600/pro-evolution-soccer-2017-keygen%2B%25282%2529.png' alt='Dark Souls Serial Key Pc' title='Dark Souls Serial Key Pc' />Left to right Hiroto Honda, Katsuya Jonouchi, Yugi Mutou Dark Yugi, Anzu Mazaki, and Ryo Bakura. The Yu Gi Oh series features an extensive cast of characters created by Kazuki Takahashi. The series takes place in a fictional city in Japan called Domino City, in which most of the characters that appear in the series originate. Many plot elements are also influenced by Egypt and Egyptian mythology, and as such, Egyptian characters also appear within the story. The original manga of Yu Gi OhYugi Mutou, a timid young boy who loves all sorts of games, but is often bullied around. One day, he solves an ancient artifact known as the Millennium Puzzle, causing his body to play host to a mysterious spirit with the personality of a gambler. From that moment onwards, whenever Yugi or one of his friends is threatened by those with darkness in their hearts, this Dark Yugi shows himself and challenges them to dangerous Shadow Games which reveal the true nature of someones heart, the losers of these contests often being subjected to a dark punishment called a Penalty Game. As the series progresses, Yugi and his friends Katsuya Jonouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Hiroto Honda, Miho Nosaka in the 1. Ryo Bakura learn that this other Yugi inside of his puzzle is actually the spirit of a nameless Pharaoh from Egyptian times who had lost his memories. As Yugi and his companions attempt to help the Pharaoh regain his memories, they find themselves going through many trials as they wager their lives facing off against others that wield the mysterious Millennium Items and the dark power of the Shadow Games. The Japanese names in Western order given name before family name and English manga names are listed first and the English anime names are listed second, when applicable. Main characterseditYugi Mutou Yugi Muto ,Mut YgiVoiced by Megumi Ogata 1. Shunsuke Kazama 2. Japanese Dan Green EnglishThe main protagonist of the story. He wears the Millennium Puzzle,Sennen Pazuru, one of the seven Millennium Items and an ancient Egyptian artifact holding the spirit of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. He fears the other personality inside him at first however, as the narrative progresses, he grows a strong bond with his other self and considers his other soul a close and valuable friend. Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour Mission Maps'>Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour Mission Maps. Several defining character moments for him was when he defeats antagonists without Dark Yugis help in games under bleak circumstances, proving that he is truly worthy of being the Millennium Puzzles wielder. Dark Yugi Yami Yugi ,Yami YgiVoiced by Megumi Ogata 1. Shunsuke Kazama 2. Japanese Dan Green EnglishThe second personality inhabiting Yugis body, a 5,0. Pharaoh who resides in the Millennium Puzzle. Like his host, he shares a fondness for games and gaming culture, often referred to in the manga as Game King,Ygi, King of Games in most English translations. He appears whenever Yugis in trouble, challenging bullies and criminals to occult judgment games called Shadow Games,Yami no Gmu and enforces Penalty Games,Batsu Gmu to enact ironic justice the default powers of a Millennium Item wielder. A defining character moment for him is when he decides to stop using them after finding out that the Millennium Items contain an evil intelligence. In the second series anime, Dark Yugi comes off as a lot more merciful as a character because this subplot is written out. As the story progresses to the point where hes more than just a split personality, he becomes more and more independent of Yugi and develops a desire to find out who he is and where he came from. Even compared to Yugi, he seems to have the most knowledge on gaming and gambling culture within the whole cast. In addition, the original mangas version of Dark Yugi seems to have a somewhat dark sense of humor in his dialogue, even after his decision to stop inflicting Penalty Games. This personality trait is an aspect that is retained in the 1. TV series. However, in the latter series, Dark Yugi is somewhat more serious and loses much of the dark sense of humor he originally had in the manga. Yugi and his friends eventually find out that he is the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh who has long forgotten his name. At the end of the manga, its revealed that his name as Pharaoh was Atem,Atemu, who sealed his soul into the Puzzle along with the Great God of Evil, Zorc Necrophades. The group is finally able to defeat Zorc and his avatar, Dark Bakura, once and for all in the memory world which reenacted the Pharaohs past and help Atem pass over into the afterlife. Katsuya Jonouchi Joey Wheeler ,Jnouchi KatsuyaVoiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa 1. Jewel Of Atlantis Deluxe Keygen For Mac more. Hiroki Takahashi 2. Dark Souls Serial Key SkidrowJapanese Wayne Grayson EnglishYugis close friend. Jonouchi is loyal, heroic, good natured, brave, funny, friendly, kind hearted, and loving. When Ushio beats up Jonouchi and Honda, Yugi stands up for them, and its then that Jonouchi realizes that he was jealous of Yugis treasure all along. Later on that night, he retrieves the last Millennium Puzzle piece and brings it back to Yugis house, where Yugi completes it and challenges Ushio to the first Shadow Game of the series. Dark Souls Serial Key GeneratorJonouchi is touched by Yugis behavior towards him and they become loyal friends, forming his own treasure. Jonouchi is good at fist fighting and is usually able to take on people bigger than him, such as Bandit Keith in the second anime, this quality is underplayed. Though not exactly the best gamer in Domino, he develops a better liking to them thanks to Yugi, and hes managed to use his strong points to help Yugi come through in earlier story lines. Later on, he develops an interest in the Duel Monsters game, the latest fad at the time. Though unskilled at first, with Yugis help, he trains for the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City tournaments for his sister progressively getting better throughout the series to the point where he could be called a match for Dark Yugi. Jonouchi is shown to have a very kind heart, selfless and caring, considerate, and eager willingness to help and save those he deeply cares for and loves, but he also demonstrates a near lack of modesty and can be rather rash at times, making him a source of comic relief. He also, quite ironically, given the seriess content, has an extreme fear of ghosts, mummies, and anything else that could be considered creepy. Jonouchi notes that, before he met Yugi, he was never really motivated for anything. As the story progressed, he learned to channel his anger into games instead of his fists. Anzu Mazaki Ta Gardner ,Mazaki AnzuVoiced by Yumi Kakazu 1. Story Of The Year The Antidote Downloads Free on this page. Maki Sait 2. 00. Japanese Amy Birnbaum EnglishYugis childhood best friend and an extremely supportive girl with a lot of spirit for her friends, who has a crush on Dark Yugi. Anzu is not an avid game player and her ability is well below that of Yugi, though she exhibits some knowledge of video game RPGs during the Monster World arc. Her dueling ability is decent and she used to defeat Jonouchi in school before he became a seasoned duelist. She is athletic, has a strong school spirit, and secretly worked at a fast food restaurant called Burger World to save money her secret dream is to attend a dancing school abroad in New York.

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