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Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Full Game' title='Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Full Game' />Diablo II Diablo WikiMany moons have passed since I left the town of Tristram behind me. Since then Ive tried to forget the terrors I beheld beneath the cold earth, and the twisted nightmares that have haunted my every waking moment. Theres something dark within me now I can feel it, driving me towards the East, assuring me that my salvation lies within the ruins of ancient kingdoms. After just finishing Diablo 3, The Book of Cain and the Diablo 3 release around the corner, I myself wanted to catch up on some of the lore of the past 2. Though I know the way, I know not what perils will arise to hinder my journey, and as I pass through the first gate, I know that the better part of my soul will remain behind. The Dark Wanderer narrating the cinematic trailer. Diablo IIDevelopersBlizzard North. PublishersNABlizzard Entertainment. The official PlayStationStore Buy the latest PlayStation games, movies and TV shows for your PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Full Game' title='Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Full Game' />Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Full GameDiablo II, sequel to the popular game Diablo, is a dark, fantasythemed action roleplaying game in a hackandslash or dungeon roaming style. Diablo is an action roleplaying hack and slash video game developed by Blizzard North and released by Blizzard Entertainment on December 31, 1996. Set in the. Buy cheap Path of Exile POE Items and D2 items from Lewt, your Diablo 2 Path of Exile online game store. We offer round the clock delivery and 247 live support. Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Full Game' title='Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Full Game' />Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Full GameEU Sierra Entertainment. DistributorsBlizzard. DesignersDavid Brevik. Matt Uelmen composer. Released. NA June 2. PAL June 3. 0, 2. GenresAction role playing game hack and slash. ModesSingle player, multiplayer. PlatformsPCMac. Media. CD ROMs Play, Install, and Cinematics discs. System requirements. Mac OS. G3 processor or equivalent, System 8. MB RAM plus Virtual Memory, 6. MB drive space, 4. X CD ROM drive, 2. MHz Pentium or better, 3. MB RAM, 6. 50 MB drive space, 4. X CD ROM drive, Direct. X compatible video card. Input methods. Keyboard, Mouse. Diablo II, sequel to the popular game Diablo, is a dark, fantasy themed action role playing game in a hack and slash or dungeon roaming style. After the Stress Test in spring 2. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS in summer 2. Blizzard Entertainment. Diablo II was developed by Blizzard North. By April 2. 00. 1, Diablo II had become one of the most popular online games of all time. Major factors that contributed to Diablo IIs success include what fans found to be addictive hack and slash gameplay, and free access to Battle. Diablo II may be played as a single player game, multi player via a LAN, or multi player via Battle. The game was conceptualized and designed by Stieg Hedlund, with Blizzard North founders David Brevik, Max and Erich Schaefer acting as project heads for the other disciplines. The main production roles were handled by Matthew Householder and Bill Roper. An expansion, Diablo II Lord of Destruction, was released in 2. The story of Diablo II takes place soon after the end of the original Diablo. At the end of Diablo, Diablo, Lord of Terror was defeated by a mortal hero. The hero who slew Diablo i. Diablo a magical stone containing the soul of a demon or angel into his own head in an attempt to contain Diablo in his own body. Filme Indiene Noi Gratis. After this event, the hero is rapidly corrupted by Diablo and slowly loses control of Diablos soul. In the opening cinematic of Diablo II, Marius, the narrator of the story, witnesses the fallen hero known only as the Dark Wanderer totally lose control, unleashing the demons of Hell upon a tavern. Marius is the only survivor it is implied that rather than just being blind luck, the demons were ignoring him, and he feels compelled to follow the Wanderer for reasons he himself does not understand. The new player character is a different hero following in the wake of the destruction, chasing the Dark Wanderer, hoping to put an end to the demon lord within him. The new hero ultimately catches up to the Wanderer outside the city of Kurast but is unable to stop him. The rest of the story is revealed through the four acts, as the player faces not just the demon lord Diablo, but two new major villains, his equally malevolent brothers, fellow Prime Evils Mephisto, Lord of Hatred and Baal, Lord of Destruction. Diablo is determined to free them from their soulstone incarceration, which was forced upon all three long ago, and from which Diablo managed to break free in the first game. The hero travels through different lands to thwart the forces of The Burning Hells from conquering the world known as Sanctuary. The story tells about seven Great Evils with 7 totalling the number of the powers of hell five are killed in Diablo II. Three are directly slain in Diablo III, though all seven are effectively slain at once due to Diablo becoming the Prime Evil. The Lesser EvilsDuriel, the Lord of Pain also known as the Maggot King, slain in Diablo II, Act II. A very fast and very aggressive enemy. His pure physical strength can easily overwhelm an unprepared player. He attacks using his large claws, and may also freeze the player, making it even easier for him to quickly dispense of opposition. He is found in the true Tomb of Tal Rasha by placing the Horadric Staff into a pedestal. Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish also known as the Demon Queen, slain in Diablo II, Act I. A fairly powerful enemy using mainly poison based attacks. She uses homing poison arrows, poison spray and the weak claws on her back in hand to hand battle. She is found in the bottom level of the monastery behind a large set of wooden doors, surrounded by her minions. Belial, the Lord of Lies also known as the Master of Deception, appears in Diablo III. Azmodan, the Lord of Sin also known as the General of Vices, appears in Diablo III. The Prime EvilsMephisto, the Lord of Hatred eldest of three brothers, slain in Diablo II, act III. He uses several powerful lightning attacks and doesnt have a melee attack. He can be found in his lair in the temple city of Travincal in Kurast by destroying the Compelling Orb that locked him in his lair. You must use a unique flail called Khalims Will to destroy it, created after finding the relics of Khalim and transmuting them with Khalims flail in a Horadric Cube. Beware of the many allies and minions he has throughout the Durance of Hate the Council Members in particular. Maffer Dragonhand is nearly as dangerous as Mephisto himself. Diablo, the Lord of Terror slain in Diablo II, act IV, also appears in Diablo I and Diablo III. The Leader of the Three. He uses the fire element. He is a powerful boss, especially in later difficulties. Beware of his Red Lightning Hose attack, which resembles a long red stream of lightning spraying from his mouth, as even characters with good vitality can be killed in one full blast, it is the strongest attack in the game. However this attack is slower than most of his other ones and can be easily avoided. His attacks include Red Lightning Hose, Fire ring, Firestorm similar to the Druids but much stronger, the same released by Hellfire torch, Bone Prison cast on town portals, Cold Touch freezes you and a melee attack, in which he will charge quickly toward the player. He appears after activating the five seals and defeating their protectors, the Lord De Seis Unique Oblivion Knight, Infector of Souls Unique Venom Lord and Grand Vizier of Chaos Unique Doom Caster. Baal, the Lord of Destruction slain in Diablo II Lord of Destruction, act V. He is found in the Worldstone Keep. After destroying the five swarms of his minions, hell walk into the portal to The Worldstone Chamber, the battleground. He uses fire strikes and a cold attack, the latter of which causes a severe knock back, as well as freezing, a kind of Inferno that drains your mana and also a curse that will damage you if you try to cast any spell he only uses it if you have more mana than life. He also summons a copy of himself, capable of using all of his attacks, only adding to the troubles of anyone attempting to slay the Lord of Destruction. The player assumes the role of a hero, fighting monsters while traversing over land and dungeons. The storyline of Diablo II is played through four acts. Set Items Diablo II Diablo Wiki. While scavenging through corpses and chests in Sanctuary, some may happen to run across ancient gear that once belonged to a legend of Sanctuary. Unlike the mortal owners of these distinguished items, the equipment is still very solid and real. With enough perserverance, it may be possible to gather all the remaining pieces of gear that once belonged to your role model, bestowing you the same powers as it did to the original owner. Sets were designed with the collectors in mind. As you equip two or more pieces of one Set, you will unlock additional qualities that were previously unknown of. There are many different Sets, each tailored for certain level ranges, fighting style and even classes. While lower Sets can be used on different characters with nearly identical results, a Sorceress will never be able to attain the full power of the Immortal King because of class restrictions. While a Set consists of two to six pieces, it is possible to wear two full sets at once depending on your setup, unleashing even more bonus stats for your character. The downside of using complete sets early in the game is the eventual replacement of them. You may keep finding better Helmets for your character, but replacing the Set helmet with the newly found one will cause the full set bonus to dissapear. This means that it is harder to part from specific pieces of the equipment, because the pros and cons of changing gear have to be considered, unlike simply replacing an old helmet with a better new one. Socketed using the appropriate quest reward or Horadric Cube Recipe. Enhanced with Runes, Gems or Jewels if socket slots are open. Unsocketed if the bonus of an insert isnt desirable anymore. Named using the appropriate quest reward. Worn partially for full set bonus. Every piece must be equipped. Placing unwanted pieces in the inventory will not count towards equipping a full set. Runeworded. While you will recieve the bonus for each specific rune, you will not be able to make runewords using set items. Initially, Sets were composed only of normal items. This rendered sets useless at higher levels, where higher base gear was more common and generally more useful. Only after Lord of Destruction was released did Blizzard add more Sets that included Exceptional and Elite items, making them a much better choice late in the game, as opposed to the normal sets. Arcannas Tricks. Arctic Gear. Berserkers Arsenal. Cathans Traps. Civerbs Vestments. Cleglaws Brace. Angelic Raiment. Hsarus Defense. Infernal Tools. Irathas Finery. Isenharts Armory. Milabregas Regalia. Sigons Complete Steel. Tancreds Battlegear. Deaths Disguise. Vidalas Rig. Heavens Brethren. The Disciple. Hwanins Majesty. Matlab 7.14 Full Version Free Download on this page. Cow Kings Leathers. Najs Ancient Vestige. Sanders Folly. Sazabis Grand Tribute. Orphans Call. Aldurs Watchtower. Bul Kathos Children. Griswolds Legacy. Mavinas Battle Hymn. Natalyas Odium. Tal Rashas Wrappings. Trang Ouls Avatar.

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