Dressmaking Design Program


SLP-tour-what-is-sew-like-a-pro-1024x746.png' alt='Dressmaking Design Program' title='Dressmaking Design Program' />D E S I G N L O V E F E S T MAKE IT 1. Happy Ringtones Free Download Telugu Full'>Happy Ringtones Free Download Telugu Full. White Sheets flat sheet and pillowcases Fabric Dye in 2 colors and 2 squeeze bottles for mixed dye if needed Upholstery Thread and needle Rubber bands Rubber Gloves Ruler Pencil Surface to work we used a shallow plastic storage containerhow to make it follow diagram above Prepare fabric dye as directed. There are many kinds of dyes so take care to read all instructions. We use fiber reactive dyes because the colors last well over time. Fold Sheet In half side to side. Dressmaking-Skills-2.jpg' alt='Dressmaking Design Program' title='Dressmaking Design Program' />Fold one more time to mark where the center is and return to the original position. Lightly sketch a half of a semi circle 1. From there sketch a whole semi circle with the lowest part measuring 8 inches from the top of the sheet. The Show The Afterparty The Hotel. Using a ruler to measure from your original  drawn line make parallel lines 4 inches below your original and another one 2 inches below that. You will have three lines total. Stitch a long running stitch along all 3 lines. Make the distance between each stitch irregular. When all 3 lines are stitched carefully begin to gather all the fabric from one end to the other and pulling the fabric tightly together. Carefully wrap the thread around once or twice secure with a knot. Wrap rubber bands around the ties to reinforce thread. Soak top half of sheet with gathered areas in water for 1. Squeeze excess water out. Bendix King Kfc 225 Manual more. Lay top part of sheet on working surface it can be helpful to put paper towels down first to help absorb excess dye Apply dye to sheet, flip sheet over and repeat taking care to be sure that dye is reaching most parts of the gathered fabric. Let sit for 4 2. Afterwards place dyed part of sheet in sink, snip all rubber bands and thread releasing the gathers and rinse in cold water until water runs clear. Wash sheets according to dye brand instructions. DIY projects here. Learn new skills deepen your horizon in VCUQatars art and design Community Education Program. Our evening and weekend community classes are open to all. Learn about graphic design careers. Explore the many opportunities graphic design as a steer can lead. Start a graphic design career today.

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