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Turntablist legend DJ Craze Performs on TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO and KONTROL X1 Native Instruments Duration 133. Native Instruments 4,593,052 views. Final Scratch 2 Manual FS 2 for Mac Download FS 2 for Windows Download FS 2 ScratchAmp Driver Windows XP Only Download Driver FS 2 ScratchAmp Windows Vista driver. Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computerbased audio production and DJing. The original and unrivaled vinyl emulation software for professional DJs. Scratch Live is vinyl emulation software that operates exclusively with Rane hardware. Mix. Microsoft. The fiercely competitive software giant is positioning its wares for cloud computing with software and services. The companys two cash cows operating. Traktor Pro 2 is an integrated DJ mixer with studioquality EQs and filters, flexible performance effects, automatic beatmatching and intuitive control. Build an 8 bit computer from scratch Ben Eater. I built a programmable 8 bit computer from scratch on breadboards using only simple logic gates. I documented the whole project in a series of You. Serato-DJ-Crack-full.gif' alt='I Scratch Mix Live Software' title='I Scratch Mix Live Software' />Tube videos and on this web site. For an introduction Background. If youre interested in seeing the computer in action to get a sense of what it can do, check out these videos If you want to dive into the details of how the computer works and understand it from first principles, but are a little unsure of how transistors and logic gates work or just want a refresher, heres a few videos to serve as an introduction Computer modules. The computer is composed of several modules, each of which performs just a few basic functions. Check out these posts for more detailed information on building each module Complete parts list. Heres a complete parts list of everything I used to build the breadboard computer. The total cost works out to roughly 1. USD depending on what breadboards you use and how much you end up paying for shipping. Theres no right way to do this project. There are tons of substitutions and other approaches which will work just as well or better, so if you want to build something similar and cant find all the parts, try to figure out what the missing part does and find a different way of doing it. Banda Al Rojo Historico En Vivo. It might not work the first time, but youll learn a ton from trying to figure out why. If you click through any of the Amazon links, I get a tiny cut, though it wont cost you any more. Im a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. Quantity. Description. Approx. cost each. Approx. total cost. I Scratch Mix Live Software' title='I Scratch Mix Live Software' />Sources. Modules. Breadboard3 83. Amazon. All. 12. 2 AWG Solid Tinned Copper Hook Up Wire1. Amazon. Jameco. All. Digikey. Amazon. CLK, RAM, OUT8. Digikey. Amazon. BUS2. Digikey. Amazon. CLK, OUT8. Search any recording studio or live music venue and you will surely find a Shure SM58 microphone. The mic has a cardioid polar pattern, which means its more. Discover edjing and edjing Pro, the most powerful DJ apps for music lovers Mix on Android, Windows and iOS devices and record then share your DJ setsI Scratch Mix Live SoftwareDigikey. Amazon. BUS1. M resistor0. Digikey. Amazon. CLK1. M potentiometer2. Digikey. Amazon. CLK6. F capacitor0. 1. Digikey. Amazon. CLK, RAM, OUT2. F capacitor0. 1. Digikey. Amazon. CLK1. F capacitor0. Digikey. Amazon. CLK4. IC0. 4. 11. 6. 4Digikey. Ebay. CLK, OUT1. 74. LS0. 0 Quad NAND gate0. Amazon. Digikey. Ebay. RAM5. 74. LS0. 4 Hex inverter0. Amazon. Digikey. Ebay. CLK, RAM, CONT2. 74. LS0. 8 Quad AND gate0. Amazon. Digikey. Ebay. CLK, OUT1. 74. LS3. Quad OR gate0. 5. Amazon. Digikey. Ebay. CLK1. 74. LS7. 6 Dual JK flip flop2. Amazon. Ebay. OUT2. LS8. 6 Quad XOR gate0. Amazon. Digikey. Ebay. ALU1. 74. LS1. 38 3 to 8 line decoder0. Amazon. Ebay. CONT1. LS1. 39 Dual 2 line to 4 line decoder0. Amazon. Ebay. OUT4. LS1. 57 Quad 2 to 1 line data selector0. Amazon. Ebay. RAM4. LS1. 61 4 bit synchronous binary counter0. Ebay. PC, CONT7. 74. LS1. 73 4 bit D type register1. Ebay. REG, RAM2. 74. LS1. 89 6. 4 bit random access memory1. Ebay. RAM6. 74. LS2. Octal bus transceiver0. Amazon. Ebay. REG, ALU, RAM, PC1. LS2. 73 Octal D flip flop0. Amazon. Ebay. OUT2. LS2. 83 4 bit binary full adder2. Ebay. ALU4. 28. C1. EEPROM6. 0. 02. Ebay. OUT, CONT2. Double throw toggle switch3. Amazon. CLK, RAM2. Momentary 6mm tact switch2. Amazon. CLK, RAM1. DIP switch0. 5. 00. Amazon. Ebay. RAM1. DIP switch0. 5. 00. Amazon. Ebay. RAM4. Red LED0. 0. 52. Amazon. Ebay. BUS, REG, ALU, RAM2. Yellow LED0. 0. 51. Amazon. Ebay. REG, RAM, CONT1. Green LED0. 0. 50. Amazon. Ebay. RAM, PC, CONT2. Blue LED0. 0. 51. Amazon. Ebay. CLK, REG, CONT4. Common cathode 7 segment display0. Amazon. Ebay. OUTAdditionally, I used an Arduino Nano and two 7. HC5. 95 shift registers to build a simple EEPROM programmer to program the 2. C1. 6 EEPROMs used in the output module and control logic. Breadboards. A note on breadboards You can get them from lots of places for different prices. The best quality Ive found is the BB8. Bus. Board Prototype Systems. I get them on Amazon, but theyre not cheap. If youre paying less than 7 8 USD each, youre probably getting a fake. Lower quality, cheaper breadboards will probably work just fine and save a bunch of money if youre buying 1. The biggest differences include inadequate funneling on each hole, making it harder to properly insert components this can vary a lot, from not a big deal to useless inconsistent coloring i. Most of those arent deal breakers, and if something doesnt work right, look on the bright side you get to troubleshoot it and learn more Discuss this on Hacker News https news.

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