Mnemonics And Study Tips For Medical Students


Exams 1. 0 key test taking tips from top students. Four top students from different schools share their best study tips and share how to get through those cringe inducing exams and all nighters. Published 9 3. 7 PM, October 2. Updated 1. 0 0. 1 PM, October 2. MANILA, Philippines A cold feeling in your gut, butterflies in your belly, a complete mental blackout many students know and understand the test taking experience all too well. From preparing for a test to actually taking the exam and dealing with the aftermath, weve explored the process and spoken to 4 top students who shared their best tips to help you ace that major exam. Grades arent everything and they certainly wont be the only thing employers look at when youre looking for a job but it cant hurt to do your best while youre in school, challenge yourself, get the best possible marks, and make yourself proud. A new study finds that between hearing, seeing, and touching, its hardest to remember something that we heard, suggesting that there are different pathways in the. TopHBO-com-memorization-memory-palace-and-mnemonics-how-to-actually-use-them_fGcN4LcjLFd4.jpg' alt='Mnemonics And Study Tips For Medical Students' title='Mnemonics And Study Tips For Medical Students' />Retaining large volumes of information. As a UP Medical School student who had to juggle long hours of work and study, Krisha Borromeo understands the challenge of having to internalize a large volume of information. In those cases, she says Repetition is key. Try to integrate concepts across chaptersacross books. Make a story out of concepts. Make mnemonics the raunchier, the betterUse as many senses as you can your brain will retain more info if more connections were used in the process. Read aloud, draw concept maps, try to explain things to friendslittle brothers. Paoloregel B. For medical students First Aid NMS BRS Rapid Review Elseviers Integrated. Lippincotts Illustrated. Master Medicine. Join YourDictionary today. Create and save customized word lists. Sign up today and start improving your vocabulary Best NCLEX review books of 2017. Our team of medical professionals created this detailed review guide of the best NCLEX books out there. The following article will present you some of the most effective study methods that will allow you to study more effective and helps you to improve your GPA. Samonte, the Class 2. University of the Philippines Los Baos, has this to say Understand more than memorize. Given a limited time to study, it is more important that you understand concepts than memorize terms. READ UPLB valedictorian to graduates Fight inequality People who memorize are prone to forgetting, but people who practice and apply tend to remember. For the busy student with tons of activities Krisha, who graduated magna cum laude from UP Diliman before med school, not only had to juggle med school and her personal life she was also class president of the UP College of Medicine from 2. Its a familiar struggle for many students the need to keep ones grades up while continuing to participate in extracurricular activities, hobbies, and projects, all of which also contribute towards a diverse and impactful resume. For the student leader keep a journalorganizer detailing your goals for the day, or post its that you can satisfyingly crumple after youve completed them. When you set meetings, be on time for them and start after reaching a quorum, says Krisha. Sorendls Getty Images Mnemonic devices are a technique often used by students to aid in recall. A mnemonic is simply a way to remember information. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Output, as well as input Filipino Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT summa cum laude graduate Carmela Lao summed it up quite well when she spoke to Rappler about the benefits of a more active style of learning, rather than passive. READ Filipina top MIT grad We are all Filipinos Reading, listening, watching lectures, and other input activities are useful for learning, but actively thinking about, discussing, teaching or applying a topic, i. Carmela. Heres an anecdote from Ateneo de Manila University 2. Ryan Yu This is a tip I got from Ken Abante, the Ateneo 2. In each class or subject you take, try to find at least one thing that genuinely interests you, and hold on to it. Allow your curiosity to drive you, and soon enough, youll find yourself interested in that subject as a whole. I find that it becomes much easier to study if youre actually intrigued by the topics youre learning instead of considering them as school requirements. Naps. From the number of top students we talked to, all of them stressed the importance of getting enough sleep. And when those extra hours feel like a luxury you cant afford, try to squeeze in a few naps. Dont deprive yourself of sleep. Sleep is important, so if your head starts to throb from studying and you know your brain cant take it any longer, rest, says Paoloregel. Sometimes, there doesnt seem to be enough time to finish everything that you have to do, yet you cant seem to focus on what youre doing because youre too tired. The solution take a quick nap Youll wake up recharged and feeling ready to get back to work, says Ryan. It might also do its part to quell that rising sense of panic that comes with an overwhelming workload. Understandably, it sometimes feels counterintuitive to rest when theres so much to do. And sometimes one just cant help feeling guilty about giving in to sleep when the requirements are overwhelming. Fun Games To Play At Cheer Practice. But sleep can help you reset, and studies show that naps can help with memory processing and information for more, take a look at this report on io. But dont just rely on naps on the whole, try as much as you can to be well rested. Sleep is key for me. I find that I retain and process information and solve problems much better on 7 to 8 hours of sleep, says Carmela. When cramming is unavoidable Most would caution against cramming, but when there are just too many things to do, isnt it sometimes inevitableI cram when its unavoidable, i. Carmela. However, I sincerely advise against it, as I dont think one retains knowledge very well that way, and while it might work momentarily for the exam, one just forgets everything after and it defeats the purpose of learning. If theres very little time, Paoloregel suggests fitting small study sessions within smaller windows of time. Even a 1. 0 to 1. You might also want to preempt later tasks by getting them out of the way before you forget. Always have a notebook on hand. Youd be surprised how easy it is to forget things that you may have to remember weeks or months in the future, so while its fresh in your mind, write it down Its crucial to bring a planner around as well, says Ryan. READ Ateneo valedictorian UP summa cum laude, a brilliant Filipina of our time Requirements and deadlines can pile up quickly, and Ive found that writing down all the things you need to do and finishing them one at a time can greatly ease stress. If you must cram, youll need a game plan. Choose the topic for cramming ideally, it wont be the topic youre struggling with the most. Hopefully, itll be a last minute once over of the most important concepts tackled over the time period, lingering once or twice on the most complex terms. It might even give you a nice boost before the test. Taking the test No matter how well prepared you are, taking a test can be nerve wracking, and circumstances of the day come into play maybe you were late to class, werent feeling well, or missed a chapter for review. All of those things can make for a perfect storm of awful test taking conditions. What happens when you arent sure about an answer or simply forgotNarrow it down to at most 5. Krisha. She has a few more tips, too If you can make marks on your paper do it. Make full use of your time, its not a race. Do spot checks to make sure you are answering the right question with the right number on your answer sheet. Its an absolute nightmare to be caught in a domino effect thats started because of one wrong move. You might also want to get some things out of the way as soon as you get your test paper. You might want to make sure you write all the formulas down, practice with your scientific calculator and get used to the different modes youll need to use, or write down little notes and reminders about things you know youre prone to forget.

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