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Puppy (Screen Mate)' title='Puppy (Screen Mate)' />July 12, 2017 Taignobias. A tale of two mes Me 1 was very interested in finding a nice girl, settling down, building a family, and that sort of thing. The ultimate list of the best lightweight Linux distros for 2017. Every distro has extremely low hardware requirements and its great for old computers. Harry Styles Twitter account shared two images of fellow band mate Louis Tomlinson before they were quickly deleted. Check out these tips and tricks for Linux Mint 13 to 15 Cinnamon Edition, step by step, easy to understand and follow. Crass Poison Girls Manchester Mayflower 1. KILL YOUR PET PUPPYUploaded this November 5th is an exclusive Kill Your Pet Puppy post helped along perhaps not by a cast of thousands, but certainly by the following kindly folk. Pete Millen who during the late 1. Crass and Poison Girls performances with the use of several microphones hanging strategically around the halls that the two bands were invited to perform in. Lee Gibson who got most of the original cassette tapes and reel to reel tapes from Pete Millen and then sent three of the cassettes to me here at Penguin Towers. Thanking Lee also for allowing the use of one of the Crass Poison Girls extracts from his book A Punk Rock Flashback which is well worth getting hold of details below. Pete Fender for professionally restoring and remastering the audio in his home studio to a quality that is worthy of sharing this cassette to the Kill Your Pet Puppy browsers. Joseph Porter for allowing the use of one of the Crass Poison Girls extracts from his book Genesis To Revolutions which is well worth getting hold of details below. Richard Famous, Penny Rimbaud and Pete Wright for sharing a few stories with me on the Manchester Mayflower and  Middlesbrough Rock Garden gigs, and for the permission to use the Poison Girls and Crass audio. For a complete search, see List of animals. Wild animals occasionally spawn on the map according to the biome and from random events. These wild animals and tamed. Puppy (Screen Mate)' title='Puppy (Screen Mate)' />Craig Hornby for the original 1. Crass Middlesbrough Crypt flyer. Bradley Hall for the scan of the Crass patch below still attached to a pair of trousers he found in a box recently and for the Poison Girls flyer. Puppy (Screen Mate)' title='Puppy (Screen Mate)' />Puppy (Screen Mate)Found in another old box. These two recordings from the Manchester Mayflower were the best of the three cassettes that were recorded by Pete Millen that I was sent by Lee Gibson as a taster. I was sent Huddersfield October 1. Isle Of Wight July 1. Sadly the Huddersfield recordings of both Crass and the Poison Girls suffered massively from recording cut outs due to, I can only assume, a dodgy lead in putted into the recorder on that night. Shame. Even worse, the Isle Of Wight recorded performance by Poison Girls was split in two although reasonable quality and the Crass recorded side was mainly the interlude after Poison Girls and a bit of Annie Anxiety. The Crass performance that made it onto the cassette tape lasted four or five tracks. Shame. Never mind that though. The Manchester Mayflower audio from both bands is clear and has also been professionally restored and remastered by Pete Fender, making the audio sound wonderful. If you listen carefully you will hear the grim sounds of smashing glass throughout various parts of the Crass set. Hope those pint glasses were not being thrown towards the stage but instead just falling off tables with the amount of heaving sweating bodies flowing back and forth throughout parts of the Crass performance. Both sides of this cassette tape gives a decent account of both Crass and the Poison Girls at the top of their game. An excellent and intense listen thats for sure. CRASS MANCHESTER MAYFLOWER OCTOBER 1. DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO FROM A PUNK ROCK FLASHBACK BY LEE GIBSON. There were three bands, apart from the Sex Pistols, who gave me a kick start in my teenage rebellion years The Fall, Crass and Poison Girls, all discovered at random. On the rather desolate upper level of Stocktons indoor market, a friendly hippy guy ran a little store called Green. Manual De Practicas De Laboratorio Fisica 1. He sold T shirts, booklets on anarchism, vegetarianism and hippy comics like The Freak Brothers. He got a bit of hassle from the cops. I liked the guy, and when I wrote a poem about the bombing of Hiroshima which I wrote in Stockton library one rainy afternoon when all my mates were glued up and not really worth talking to, he pinned it on the wall. It was at the Green store that I noticed the first single by Crass Reality Asylum. Noticeable in the shop due to the iconic Crass symbol, designed by Dave King which displays the Cross entwined by a two headed serpent, Ouroboros, suggesting that all power will eventually consume and destroy itself. Ouroboros is traditionally depicted as swallowing its own tail. I picked it up for pay no more than 4. Shortly afterwards, I also bought The Feeding of the 5. EP. I bought it by mail order from Rough Trade Records in London. A few months later, I started writing to Crass. The first time I saw Poison Girls and Crass play was at Middlesbrough Rock Garden, October 1. I was keen to attend the gig and through mail correspondence Id arranged to do an interview with Poison Girls after the gig was over. Things didnt quite work out as planned because that particular gig was even more violent than The Fall bloodbath. As usual, it was the skinheads knocking fuck out of people. As always with the Rock Garden I attended the gig alone. I got there early and chatted briefly with Vi Subversa before the gig started. Vi was friendly, witty and somewhat culture shocking to me, she was about the same age as my mumThat night, both bands received a hostile reception from the mass of skinheads who frequented the Rock Garden. Poison Girls managed to get through their set, but when Crass started playing all hell broke loose. Due to their stance as anarchists, the neo nazi contingents made every effort to disrupt Crass gigs and to intimidate and assault Crass fans. The skinheads tried to storm the stage and I recall Pete Wright, bass player with Crass, jamming the end of his bass guitar straight into the chest of a skinhead, sending him flying. It was a very scary gig and Id had enough. I eventually kicked open the emergency exit doors just to get the fuck out of there in one piece. Stockton is only a few miles from Middlesbrough, but sometimes it could be a long walk and felt light years away. Afterwards, I wrote a letter to Poison Girls explaining why I wasnt around at the end of the gig. They wrote back to me and suggested that I send them some written questions in the post, which I did. At their house in Leytonstone, East London, they recorded their responses to my questions and recorded them on tape cassette and sent the tapes up to me. I always thought that was a very generous act, plus the fact that they took me seriously, despite my young age and my relative naivety. I published their interview over two issues of my fanzine, the first part coinciding with the second part of my interview with Mark E Smith in Protesting Children Minus The Bondage 2, and in Anathema 1. After the violent gig at Middlesbrough Rock Garden, I also wrote to Crass and arranged to visit them at their communal headquarters in Dial House, Epping Forest, to do an interview. As I was skint and on the dole, I couldnt afford a train ticket or a National Express coach ticket, so I decided to hitch down to London, a journey of about two hundred and fifty miles. I only had a few quid in my pocket not the best way to go travelling around the country it was a shit or bust situation. When I arrived in London, after a fluid six hour sequence of lifts from complete strangers, including a stoned, long distance heavy goods vehicle driver who was actually driving barefoot like some kind of hillbilly freak, I was dropped off near Oxford Street in central London. I then realized that I should have paid a little more attention to planning my route. I was about twenty miles from Epping. I only had a few quid in my pocket. I rang Dial House and was advised to just bunk the tube, and so I did. I just jumped the barrier and when I got to Epping, the station was unmanned.

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