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K77p3M/UQRqmzsgBTI/AAAAAAAAAdw/GwfQ_lcW2Yg/s380/Star%2BTek%2BVoyager.jpg' alt='Voyagers Tv Series' title='Voyagers Tv Series' />Voyagers Tv SeriesVoyagers is an American science fiction television series about time travel that aired on NBC during the 19821983 season. The series stars JonErik Hexum and. One of the most comprehensive lists of 80s memories music, TV, movies, fadsfashions, historical events, and electronic games. Over 3,000 different references Umineko When They Cry Umineko no Naku Koro ni, meaning When the Seagulls Cry is a kinetic sound novel that takes place in 1986, on the island of. The Peanuts gang tells the story of the 1620 Mayflower voyage from England to the new world detailing the hardships they faced, how the Natives helped them survive. Television Shows Made by Latter day Saints, LDS Actors on TVReturn to Films by Latter day Saint Filmmakers home page. This is a sampling of regular television series with a Latter day Saint actor in a starring role, and also Latter day Saint actors who have made guest appearances in TV series. See also Films Featuring Latter day Saint Actors for credits in feature films, TV miniseries, TV movies, videos, etc. Fanfiction archives under section TV Shows. Come and rediscover your favorite shows with fellow fans. The Peanuts Animation and Video Page A Comprehensive Guide to Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang on TV, Film, and Video Compiled by Scott McGuire smcguire. Many television series have been written, produced or directed by Latter day Saints. Perhaps the most prominent Latter day Saint TV producer is Glen A. Larson, whose numerous hit series include Magnum, P. I., Knight Rider, Battlestar Galactica, Quincy and The Fall Guy. His credits as well as those of other Latter day Saint TV producers such as Ernie Wallengren, Bill Anderson, Boyd Kirkland, Roy Allen Smith, Jeffery Goddard, Ron Goetz and Charles E. Sellier Jr. are listed along with film and other credits in the main producers section. TV series writers such as Glen A. Larson, Ernie Wallengren, Paul Bishop, Chris Conkling, Ray Goldrup, Matthew Ball, Robert Paxton, Leo D. Paur, Genia Shipman, J. Scott Iverson, Bruce Newbold, Les Charles and Glen Charles are listed on the screenwriters page, where film and TV series credits have been combined. TV series directors, cinematographers and composers are listed on similarly combined pages. Made for television movies and mini series are listed on the film page. Because this is not an extensively researched topic, this is a very incomplete list. This list does not include all television work by Latter day Saint actors and other talent, nor does it include the names of all major Latter day Saint actors and other talent who have worked on television series. Actors as Regular Cast Members Actors in Guest Roles. Directors Writers Producers Composers Cinematographers. Actors as Regular Cast Members on TV Series. Rick Schroder. Strong Medicine 2. Dr. Dylan West. NYPD Blue 1. Det. Danny Sorenson. Silver Spoons 1. Ricky Stratton. Gladys Knight. American Juniors 2. Charlie Co. Diana Richmond. Celebrity Sweepstakes 1. Anne Sward. As the World Turns 1. Lyla Montgomery Peretti. A. J. Cook. Tru Calling 2. Lindsay. Higher Ground 2. Shelby Merrick. guest rolesDavid Archuleta. Star Search 2. 00. Michael Flynn. Everwood 2. James Hart. guest rolesDonny Osmond. Pyramid 2. 00. 2 present Host. Donny Marie 1. Host. Nilus the Sandman 1. Trendoid. Donny and Marie 1. Host. The Osmonds 1. The Jerry Lewis Show 1. The Andy Williams Show 1. Michael F. Bavota. The Chef Bavota International Cooking Show 2. Carmen Rasmusen. American Idol 2. Neleh Dennis. 2 News This Morning 2. Survivor Marquesas 2. Jim Greenall, animatronics puppeteer. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 1. Salem the cat. CBS Evening News 2. The Early Show 1. Host. guest rolesKelly Packard. Ripleys Believe It or Not 2. Beaches of the World 2. Travel Channel. Baywatch 1. April Giminski. California Dreams 1. Tiffani Smith. guest rolesKen Sansom. The Book of Pooh 2. Rabbit. Tale Spin 1. The Wizard of Oz 1. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 1. Rabbit. Transformers 1. HoundDr. Paul GatesAdditional Voices. Mitch English. The Daily Buzz 2. Weather AnchorCo host. Culinary Creations with Mary Crafts 2. KBYU host. WKRP in Cincinnati 1. Arthur Carlson. The New WKRP in Cincinnati 1. Arthur Carlson. Growing Pains 1. Edward Ed Malone. Mc. Duff, the Talking Dog 1. Amos Ferguson. Sister Kate 1. Lucas Underwood. Merlin Olsen. Little House on the Prairie 1. Jonathan Garvey. Little House A New Beginning 1. Jonathan Garvey. Aarons Way 1. Aaron Miller. Fathers and Sons 1. Buddy Landau. Father Murphy 1. John Michael Murphy. Dale White. The Jack Benny Program 1. Harlow Wilson 1. MMC The Mickey Mouse Club 1. Bobby Buntrock. Hazel 1. Harold Baxter. guest rolesKatie Stuart. General Hospital Cindy 2. Sage Alcazar 2. Adventures With Kanga Roddy. Danny Kamekona. Santa Barbara 1. Taksan. Hawaii Five O as Che Fong 1. Nick Noble 1. 97. Burkes Law 1. 99. Henry. guest rolesDan Blocker. Bonanza 1. 95. 9 1. Eric Hoss Cartwright. Cimarron City 1. Tiny Budinger. Cathy Silvers. Foley Square 1. Molly Dobbs. Happy Days 1. Jenny Piccalo. guest rolesAaron Eckhart. Aliens in the Family 1. R. D. Call. EZ Streets 1. TV series Michael Fivers Dugan. Brian Nash. Please Dont Eat the Daisies 1. Joel Nash. Mickey 1. Buddy Grady. guest rolesBryan Gardner. The Late Bryan Gardner BBC host. Tachibana Keiko Onna jiken kisha. Sukeban Deka 1. 98. High School Superheroine Asamiya Saki Sukeban Deka. Santa Barbara 1. Rags to Riches 1. Mancuso FBI 1. 98. Britani Bateman. Sweet Seasons Japanese sitcom. The Real WorldRoad Rules Battle of the Sexes 2. Electric Playground 2. The Real WorldRoad Rules Extreme Challenge 2. The Real World 2. Ellen Wheeler. Emmy Award winning actress. Relig. affil. unknown. Wheeler was born in Cedar City, Utah. Her professional acting career began at Ruth Hales Glendale Centre Theatre. She trained with Patti Miner. As the World Turns 2. Marley Hudson. The Bold and the Beautiful 1. Sarah. Dark Shadows 1. One Month Trial Xbox Live Gold. Phyllis Wicke. All My Children Cindy Parker Chandler 1. Karen Parker 1. Another World Marley Hudson 1. Victoria Vicky Mc. Kinnon 1. 98. 5 1. Kyla Dickerson. The Bachelor 2. Marie Osmond. Donny Marie 1. Host. Maybe This Time 1. Julia Wallace. Ripleys Believe It or Not 1. Host. Donny and Marie 1. Host. guest rolesJohnny Whitaker. Family Affair 1. Jonathan Jody Patterson Davis. Sigmund and the Sea Monsters 1. Johnny Stuart. General Hospital 1. Scotty Scott Baldwin. Heather Young Land of the Giants 1. Betty Hamilton. guest rolesPat Priest. The Munsters 1. 96. Marilyn Munster. Tina Cole. My Three Sons 1. Katie Miller Douglas. The King Family Show. The Jonathan Winters Show. Sparky Marcus. The Get Along Gang 1. Additional Voices. Space Ace 1. 98. Dexter. Challenge of the Go. Bots 1. 98. 4 Nick Burns. Space Stars 1. 98. Durno. The Richie RichScooby Doo Hour 1. Richie Rich. Goodtime Girls 1. Skeeter. The Bad News Bears 1. Leslie Ogilvie. Grandpa Goes to Washington 1. Kevin Kelley, Jr. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman 1. Jimmy Joe Jeeter. The Nancy Walker Show 1. Michael Futterman. Sigmund and the Sea Monsters 1. Shelby. guest rolesDavid Burr. JAG 2. 00. 0 Wilfred Waller. General Hospital Morris. Dian Thomas, cookinghome specialist. Today Show NBC, 8 years. Home Show ABC, 6 years. Rachel Jacobs. Growing Pains 1. Shelley. Its Not Easy 1. Carol Long. guest rolesChristian Jacobs. The Gummi Bears 1. Cavin. Gloria 1. Joey Stivic. Maggie 1. Bruce Watson. Parker Jacobs. The Cavanaughs 1. John Cavanaugh. guest rolesJack Regas. The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show 1. Dance Leader. guest rolesWhitby Hertford. Peter Pan and the Pirates 1. Michael Darling. Potsworth Co. Nick. Tale Spin 1. Family Man 1. 98. Josh Tobin. The Adventures of Mc. Gee and Me 1. 98. Phillip Monroe Jr. Flash Games In Swf Format Video there. Chelsea Hertford. Major Dad 1. 98. Casey Cooper Mc. Gillis. The Adventures of Mc. Gee and Me 1. 98. Jamie Martin. guest rolesBrighton Hertford. General Hospital 1. Barbara Jean B. J. Jones. Debra Clinger. The American Girls 1. Amy Waddell. The Krofft Supershow 1. Superchick one of the Kongs. Shawn Stevens. Days of Our Lives 1. Oliver Martin. The Mac. Kenzies of Paradise Cove 1. Kevin Mac. Kenzie. Search for Tomorrow 1.

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