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The Sigma DP2 Merrill is a compact camera with a large APS C sized sensor, as used in larger and heavier compact system camera and DSLR models and therefore promising better image quality than other compacts. The DP2 Merrill has the same 4. Foveon X3 sensor as the flagship SD1 DSLR, a redesigned 3. Dual TRUE II image processing engine, 3 inch TFT colour monitor with 9. Quick Set button and RAW format support. The new generation name Merrill is a tribute to Foveons co founder, the late Richard B. Merrill, who developed the original Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor. El Croquis 121 122 Pdf. Spray To Cover Bald Patches On Beard. Retailing for 7. Sigma DP2 Merrill compact camera is certainly a serious investment read our expert review to find out if its one worth making. Ease of Use. As with Sigmas previous DP series compacts, the Sigma DP2 Merrill has a substantial, serious design that is very box like but not altogether unattractive. Measuring 1. 21. 5W6. H5. 9. 2mmD and weighing 3. DP2x, but still just fits into a coat pocket or small camera bag. Its too big and bulky for a trouser or shirt pocket though, primarily because of the lens housing which protrudes about 2. The DP2 Merrill becomes even more cumbersome if you add the optional optical viewfinder or lenshood. Utilising an aluminium alloy body, the Sigma DP2 Merrill is an exceedingly well built camera, certainly up there with the best that the other manufacturers have to offer. U0052920_4big-650x490.jpg' alt='Sigma X3f' title='Sigma X3f' />Sigma X3fThe DP2 Merrill has an under stated, all black appearance, and together with the heavier weight this lends the camera a professional look and feel. The all metal tripod mount directly inline with the centre of the lens is a giveaway sign that this is intended to be a serious camera most compacts have a plastic mount squeezed into one of the corners. The 3. 0mm, F2. 8 lens dominates the front of the camera. Sigma, with its long history of making lenses for other manufacturers cameras and more recently its own DSLRs, has developed this lens specifically for the DP2 Merrill. Offering a fixed focal length, thankfully the lens no longer extends when the camera is turned on, as with previous DP cameras. The construction of the lens feels rock solid with no play at all in the metal lens barrel. New to the DP2 Merrill is a tactile manual focus ring, which makes it much easier to operate the camera if you prefer that way of focusing. Sadly it doesnt over ride the auto focus mode though, which would have been a nice feature, although the manual focus assist complete with on screen magnification is a nice touch. Obviously the fixed focal 3. DP2 Merrill. With no zoom lens model on the horizon, youre left with a choice of the DP2 Merrill or the wider angle DP1 Merrill which has a an equivalent 2. DP2 Merrills lens and every photographers constant companion, their legs, proves to be more versatile than you might first think. The maximum aperture of F2. APS C sensor makes it easy to blur the background and importantly makes the camera more versatile in low light. Also on the front of the DP2 Merrill is a small dimpled area to the left of the lens looking from the front which helps you to keep a firm hold, replicated on the rear. The 3 inch LCD screen is a welcome addition and partly explains the increase in size of the DP2 Merrill. It displays 1. 00 of the image and the 9. If youd prefer using an optical viewfinder to frame your images, Sigma offers the optional VF 2. DP2 Merrill. This system does give you a choice, but it comes at the cost of not being able to use the optical viewfinder and an external flashgun at the same time, and also the hefty literal cost of 1. As for performance, Sigmas viewfinder solution offers a large, bright view of the scene in front of you. On the other hand, it doesnt provide any feedback to the photographer, other than showing a thick white border which indicates very approximately what part of the scene the DP2 Merrill will capture. We found that the recorded image was quite a bit bigger than this border, and also that it disappeared against a bright background, effectively making framing your subject a point and hope experience. Also the only way of knowing that the camera has focused correctly is the small green LED above the LCD screen, which you can just see out of the corner of your right eye when looking through the optical viewfinder. At the heart of the Sigma DP2 Merrill is a new APS C sized Foveon image sensor. The exact size of the image sensor used in the DP2 Merrill camera is 2. Sigma are the only manufacturer to use the Foveon X3 sensor, and as with the SD1 DSLR camera, they quote the resolution as a whopping 4. Whilst this is technically true, in that there are 4. Bayer CCDCMOS sensor. This is because the Foveon solution uses 3 layers of 4. RGB data. Sigma and Foveon claim that this results in better looking colour images straight out of the camera when compared to a CCDCMOS sensor. Whilst this may be true, from the users point of view the final image is 4. Adobe Photoshop or another application. Just like a DSLR, the DP2 Merrill offers both JPEG and RAW recording formats, still one of only a handful of compact cameras to do so. There are 3 different JPEG compression levels, and a choice of four sizes including a 1. The RAW files are saved in the Sigma X3. F format, which can currently only be processed using the supplied Sigma Photo Pro RAW 5. Sigma Photo Pro is a simple and straight forward application that doesnt compare that well with Lightroom or Photoshop in terms of features, but gets the job done and is free of charge. We really wish that Sigma would support the Adobe DNG format so that we could use our favourite processing software from day one. The DP2 Merrill takes around 1. RAW files, the first 4 seconds during which the camera cant be used. This isnt anywhere close to DSLR like performance though, despite Sigma marketing the DP2 Merrill as a real DSLR alternative or backup camera. Theres even a 1. JPEG mode at full size, so when you factor in the slow auto focus system more on this below, as with the DP2x this makes the DP2 Merrill ill suited to quick moving subjects. The start up time from turning the Sigma DP2 Merrill on to being ready to take a photo is quite slow at around 2 seconds. In the fastest Continuous mode the camera takes 4 frames per second for an unlimited number of images at the highest JPEG image quality, and commendably in RAW mode too, which is very good for this class of camera. Unfortunately, the DP2 Merrill locks up completely for around 1. Fine JPEGs and even longer for RAW files, so while you can certainly capture 4 JPEGs or RAW files in a second, the camera is effectively out of action for the next 1. The Sigma DP2 Merrill offers a full range of advanced exposure controls via the new Mode button on top of the camera, including aperture priority, shutter priority, manual and manual focusing, with Auto and Program AE modes catering for the less experienced and three Custom modes so that you can save and recall your preferred settings.

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